• Seef Mall: +97317580011
  • City Centre: +97317587766
  • Sar Mall: +97317580101
  • Juffair: +97317811633
  • Tubli: +97317877233
  • Seef Mall Muharraq: +97317250555
  • New Herbal DetoXsoak™ Service
    “Total body health begins with the feet” A stand-alone service featuring a 15 minute DetoXsoak™ of feet in warm water, followed by a DetoXsoak™ Somatology technique massage of feet and legs to balance, de-stress, and refresh. DetoXsoak™ Somatology Massage Serum contains the natural anti-oxidant properties of vitamin E, pomegranate seed oil, vitamin C, and the hydrating benefits
  • Eid Mubarak
    Wish you all Happy Eid

Hygienic place that offers new disposable packs for any Mani or Pedi service.

You can reach us every day,
between 9 am – 10 pm Bahrain time.

Hey Gorgeous,

You can reach us every day between 9 am – 10 pm Bahrain time.

Thursday, Friday and Celebrations times 9 am - 12 am Bahrain time.
(Please leave before 12. Cinderella once lost her shoe)

e-mail info@nspabahrain.com and your message will be automatically forwarded to our Customer Relation Department and you will be answered shortly.

+973 17 877 233

Al Murjan Centre Juffair
+973 17 811 633

Seef Mall
+973 17 580 011

Sar Mall
+973 17 580 101

Seef Mall Muharraq
+973 17 250 555

City Centre
+973 17 587 766

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In a few weeks Saudi Arabia - Dahran Dahran Tower

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